5 Popular Roles in Cloud Computing

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Cloud Architect

Role Overview: Designs and builds cloud infrastructure, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency.

Real World Example: Designing and implementing a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure for a multinational e-commerce platform to handle increased traffic during peak seasons.

DevOps Engineer

Role Overview: Bridges the gap between development and operations, focusing on automation, collaboration, and continuous delivery.

Real World Example: Developing automated deployment pipelines for a software development team, streamlining the release process and reducing downtime.

Data Scientist

Role Overview: Analyzes large datasets in the cloud, extracting valuable insights and supporting data-driven decision-making.

Real World Example: Analyzing customer behavior data stored in the cloud to provide insights for a marketing team, optimizing targeted advertising strategies.

Cyber Security Specialist

Role Overview: Safeguards cloud environments from potential threats, implementing security measures to protect data and systems.

Real World Example: Implementing robust security protocols for a financial institution's cloud-based applications to protect sensitive customer information.

Cloud Product Manager

Role Overview: Manages the lifecycle of cloud-based products, from ideation to launch, ensuring alignment with market needs and business goals.

Real World Example: Leading the development and launch of a new cloud-based collaboration tool, addressing specific needs in remote work environments.